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We use the most effective truck mounted equipment protecting from mold and mildew build up. The high pressure steam, mixed with truck mounted vacuum suction technology is the cleanest and best way to get rid of stains, odors, and bacteria.

Non-Toxic Products To Keep You Safe

Protect your family from toxic chemicals that many companies use mixed with weak cleaning technology. We use green cleaning products with the latest in truck mounted technology to steam and vacuum 99.9% of all bacteria and dust. 

World-Class Customer Service since 2008

Expect a friendly experience with an expert finding you the proper solutions to your specific cleaning needs. From carpets, upholstery, tile & grout to wood, stone polishing & water extraction, we do it all. 

Impossible Stains or Awful Stench? No Problem

Get it done right the first time! We stay up to date with what works in the industry and use the correct methods to eliminate the toughest stains and odors. 

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Does your carpet need to be restored to it’s original state? Beato Carpet Cleaning are experts in eliminating stains and odors from your carpet, upholstery, or floor and potentially restoring them like new.

Beware of other carpet cleaning services that leave a mess behind by cutting corners with weak cleaning methods. They use different types of soaps that leave residue behind.

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We use the strongest steam and suction technology to not only eliminate the most bacteria and dirt possible, but also to allow the carpet to dry faster than any other methods to prevent mold and mildue build up.

This means that your carpet, upholstery, or floor will be cleaned the best possible way. We take pride in making our customers feel they have made the best decision in using our carpet cleaning services.

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Carpet Cleaning Experts Since 2008

Brandon Beato is the owner of Beato Carpet Cleaning and is very passionate about this industry. He takes pride in treating your home like it is his own.

Expect a friendly customer service and an experience from a true professional who takes pride in using the best cleaning methods to get the job done right the first time!

We protect your stuff!

Rest assured that your furniture, carpet, tile, wood, or stone will be properly inspected to make sure the procedure will be safe. We are like cleaning doctors who take careful steps to get you the cleanest job, while protecting your assets.



Protect your Anaheim Home

It is true what they say, carpets are a bacteria’s playground. Bacteria loves carpet more than anything else. They can easily multiply there and are rarely bothered because they dig their way deep into the carpet.

Of course bacteria lurks on the surface as well. This is why we use a truck mounted system. It is the most powerful way to eliminate potential pathogens, allergens,  and bacteria. This is a necessity, most commonly for hypoallergenic homes.



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What Our Clients say…

“I was very impressed with the quality of the work, especially that all my carpets were completely dry by the next morning. I have NEVER had dry carpets so soon after a cleaning.  I also asked them to clean my tile and they made my floor look like new, which is a feat in itself since my tile is 20 years old and the grout is white again”

Kitti B.

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